All Tumblr Refugees welcome.


Humpr is the good social media. We allow NSFW creations, prioritize creators over advertisers, and care for your privacy/free speech. Reach your fans, monetize your content, and find your next favorite artist here.

Humpr is under development. Track our progress here:


NSFW Friendly

As long as it’s legal, it’ll probably have a place in Humpr.

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Payment integration

We want to integrate Patreon’s API where possible to ease donations to artists. We also want to provide artists with a new, independent, safe source of income for their professional work.

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Sick of facebook watching you?

We hate it. We won’t do it.

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Find your next favorite Artist

We’re building this place from scratch to help you find your next favorite artists.


Non Corporate

Just some peeps who want free speech.

And porn.